Adele V Matrix – A Complete Guide in 2024!

Adele V Matrix Optimization is a sophisticated yet powerful technique that enables Adele players to enhance their damage output and bossing skills in MapleStory. 

Adele’s characters can unlock their maximum potential by properly configuring the V Matrix setup. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of mastering the Adele V Matrix.

What Is The Adele V Matrix? – Let’s Explore!

The Adele V Matrix refers to MapleStory’s skill tree system, allowing players to enhance their skills. Specifically tailored for the Adele class, it involves:

  • Selecting appropriate boost nodes to enhance Adele’s skills.
  • Efficiently tripling boost nodes to maximize damage.
  • Choosing optimal special nodes to improve bossing capabilities.
  • Configuring node setups for specific purposes like mobbing or bossing.
  • Adele players can unlock the class’s full potential by strategically choosing and tripling nodes.

A Brief History of the Adele V Matrix!

A Brief History of the Adele V Matrix!
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Upon Adele’s debut in MapleStory, players experimented with various V Matrix setups to find the best build. The initial Adele V Matrix guide focused on:

  • Maximizing damage output for hunting decree through trios.
  • Reducing cooldowns for skills like Aether Forge.
  • Balancing mobbing and bossing abilities.

Over time, with mastery of Adele’s mechanics, the class’s V Matrix was refined into today’s optimized setup. Thanks to expert Adele players ‘ rigorous testing and theory-crafting, core priorities include boosting critical rate, damage, and bossing ability.

Exploring the Original Adele V Matrix Guide!

Main Priorities of the First Guide The initial guide focused on two main aspects:

Cooldown Reduction: It aimed to decrease cooldowns for crucial skills like Aether Forge, enhancing damage output by allowing more frequent skill activations.

Maximizing Hunting Decree: Prioritizing the boosting of Hunting Decree, which served as Adele’s primary skill for both mobbing and bossing, significantly increased damage potential. Importance of Cooldown Reduction Reducing cooldowns for skills such as Aether Forge, Levitation, and Resonance was essential to enhance damage output and improve mobility during gameplay.

Choosing the Right Nodes for Adele’s V Matrix!

Choosing the Right Nodes for Adele’s V Matrix!
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For beginners, prioritizing boost nodes for skills like Aether Forge, Hunting Decree, and Cleave is crucial for maximizing damage potential.

Importance of 5th Job Skills:

After unlocking Adele’s 5th job skills, focusing on abilities like Wonderous Enigma, Paralyze, and Eternal Ether is vital to enhance damage, bossing capabilities, and sustainability.

Value of Special Nodes: Special nodes such as Holy Symbol and Sharp Eyes play a critical role in increasing damage and critical rate, thus requiring adequate investment.

Optimizing Node Setups for Different Goals: Players can customize node setups based on their objectives, whether focused on bossing, mobbing, or a balanced approach, by selecting appropriate skills and maximizing their effects.

Additional Nodes for Sustainability: Nodes enhancing sustainability, such as Recovery Nodes and Resistance Nodes, are essential for prolonging Adele’s performance during prolonged boss battles or mobbing sessions.

Optimizing Adele’s Legion Effect

RankStrength Increase

At Rank SSS, Adele grants a +100 Strength boost to characters in your Legion, a substantial attack increase. Investing in Adele to reach Rank SSS is highly beneficial.

Prioritize leveling Adele to 140 and beyond to start accruing these Strength benefits for your Legion. Make unlocking and upgrading Adele’s Legion ranks a priority early on.

Best Inner Abilities for Adele!

Picking the right Inner Abilities can significantly boost Adele’s damage and survivability. Consider the following options:

Pure STR Increase: Aim for at least +20 STR, ideally reaching +30 STR or higher, to directly enhance Adele’s attack and skill damage.

Critical Rate Increase: Aim for at least +8% Critical Rate or higher to increase the frequency of critical hits, maximizing damage output.

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Adele Skill Build Guide – 3 Pro Ways!

Adele Skill Build Guide – 3 Pro Ways!
Source: youtube

1. First Job Skill Build

For the 1st job, prioritize maxing the key skills as follows:

  • Blade of Will – MAX
  • Magic Dispatch – MAX
  • Jaunt – MAX

Initially, allocate 1 point each in Blade of Will, Magic Dispatch, and Jaunt. Then focus on maxing Jaunt first for mobility before maxing Blade of Will and Magic Dispatch.

2. Second Job Skill Build

In the 2nd job, allocate points to enhance the following:

  • Perfection – MAX
  • Ruin Force – MAX
  • Ruination – MAX
  • Strive – MAX

Start by acquiring the Bladecaster Expertise prerequisite. Then max Perfection, Ruin Force, and Ruination, prioritizing core mobbing skills. Finish off with Strive.

3. Hyper Skills

Upon reaching the 4th job, allocate hyper skill points to:

Hyper Bladecaster Expertise – MAX

  • Hyper Perfection – MAX
  • Hyper Ruination – MAX
  • Hyper Strive – MAX

These skills further enhance your main mobbing and bossing abilities, maximizing the effectiveness of your hyper-skill points.

Adele’s Mobbing Capabilities:

Cleave– Rush attack hitting a wide area in front of Adele<br>- Hits enemies across multiple platforms<br>- Very low cooldown
Flying Swords– Summons magical swords for passive damage over time<br>- Attacks nearby enemies continuously
High Mobility– Skills like Jaunt and Levitation enable rapid teleportation and floating across the map

Adele excels at map clearing due to its combination of wide AoE attacks, flying swords, and high mobility. The Cleave skill hits enemies across multiple platforms with a low cooldown, while Flying Swords provide passive damage, allowing players to focus on movement.

Additionally, high mobility skills like Jaunt and Levitation enable rapid traversal across maps, making Adele one of the fastest mobbers in MapleStory.

Adele’s Bossing Capabilities!

Recovery Skills– Spirit Link: Heals a percentage of Max HP every 20 seconds<br>- Eternal Ether: Regenerates Max MP over time
Burst Damage– Resonance: Absorbs and unleashes stacked damage<br>- Wonderous Enigma: Deals high damage in a large AoE
Adele’s Legion– Offers a significant Strength boost<br>- +100 Strength at Rank SSS
Levelling Guide– Early levels: Complete questlines in Maple Island and Victoria Island<br>- Pre-200: Train at various maps
Gearing Up– Weapons: Progress from Japanese Katana to Arcane Umbra Katana<br>- Armor: Upgrade from Pensalir to CRA set
– Accessories: Obtain rings like Synergy Ring and pendants like Crystal Ventus

Adele excels at bossing due to its recovery skills like Spirit Link and Eternal Ether, which sustain during battles. Burst damage skills like Resonance and Wonderous Enigma are effective for dealing damage quickly.

Additionally, Adele’s Legion provides a significant Strength boost, enhancing bossing capabilities. When levelling, focus on completing quests and training efficiently in recommended maps.

Mastering Adele’s Combos!

Cleave into ResonanceUnleash Cleave, then combo into Resonance to absorb the damage for bonus damage output.
Hunting Decree into Wonderous EnigmaActivate Hunting Decree, then follow up immediately with Wonderous Enigma while the mark detonates.
Magical Finesse into CleaveCast Magical Finesse to group mobs together, then use Cleave to obliterate them efficiently.
Aether Forge into ResonanceInitiate Aether Forge followed by Resonance to maximize damage absorption and output.

Practicing the seamless chaining of Adele’s abilities is essential for achieving maximum damage output in both mobbing and bossing scenarios.

Funding Your Adele!

  • To finance your Adele’s progression, consider the following strategies:
  • Participate in daily Ursus and Maple Tour runs for consistent mesos income.
  • Level mules to 120+ and engage in daily boss fights for additional earnings.
  • Sell any unused equipment in the Auction House for extra mesos.
  • Take advantage of in-game events to obtain valuable rewards like Nodestones and Arcane Symbols.
  • Run end-game bosses like Lucid and Will for valuable gear to sell.
  • Engage in merchant activities by buying and selling items at profitable margins.

Joining The Right Guild!

Joining an active, high-level guild offers various advantages for your Adele:

  • Earn extra Guild Points (GP) daily, which can be used to purchase useful items from the guild shop.
  • Benefit from level 2-3 guild skills such as increased EXP and drop rates to expedite your progression.
  • Participate in guild-run party quests like Romeo and Juliet for additional leveling opportunities.
  • Receive assistance in clearing end-game bosses like Lomien through guild-organized carries.
  • Seek guidance and advice from experienced players within the guild to optimize your Adele’s performance.
  • Look for a guild that aligns with your playstyle and schedule, offering regular bossing runs and collaborative events. 

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Achieving mastery in Adele’s V Matrix is essential for unlocking the full potential of your damage output, mobbing efficiency, and bossing prowess. Concentrate on maximizing your primary boost nodes, maintaining a balance with crucial special nodes, and tailoring your setup to suit your preferred playstyle. 

Gradually enhance your Legion and Inner Abilities to bolster your Strength attribute. You can embark on the journey toward realizing Adele’s ultimate capabilities by complementing these optimizations with appropriate skill builds, combos, gear selections, and guild affiliations.


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