Dean Bruer: Unveiling the Dark Truth Behind a Charismatic Leader

Dean Bruer held a position of influence within the Two by Twos, a secretive Christian sect proclaiming itself as the sole true church globally.

As a prominent figure, he traversed the world, preaching the gospel and appointing workers—unpaid ministers within the sect reliant on faith and donations.

Many revered him as a godly individual with a purportedly unique connection to the divine. Yet, beneath his façade of piety lurked a callous and manipulative predator.

For decades, he exploited his power and authority to perpetrate sexual abuse against numerous women and girls. His victims endured in silence, coerced and controlled by his influence.

This article sheds light on the disturbing reality of Dean Bruer’s life and crimes, drawing from the testimonies of his victims, former workers, and insiders who bore witness to his atrocities.

Additionally, it uncovers the complicity of the Two by Twos leadership, who shielded Bruer from accountability, even following his demise in 2020.

Dean Bruer and the Two by Twos: Unveiling a Secretive Christian Sect

The Two by Twos, a clandestine Christian sect with roots tracing back to late 19th-century Ireland, was founded by William Irvine, a former Presbyterian evangelist.

Presenting itself as the sole true church globally, it condemns all other denominations as apostate and corrupt.

Known by various aliases such as the Cooneyites, Go-Preachers, or Truth, the sect boasts an estimated 500,000 members worldwide, predominantly in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Operating within a veiled and hierarchical structure, the sect lacks written doctrine, central organization, or public records.

It thrives on secrecy, relying on word-of-mouth and personal connections for recruitment and retention. Members adhere to strict and conservative lifestyles, shunning interaction with outsiders and critics.

The sect enforces control through discouraging education, independent thought, media consumption, and socializing, instilling fear of divine retribution for dissent.

At its core lies the ministry of workers—unpaid, itinerant preachers divided into elders and overseers. Elders oversee local churches, while overseers hold regional or national authority.

Regarded as divine representatives, workers wield significant influence and are responsible for appointing new recruits, who forsake all worldly possessions to join. They organize annual conventions, serving as pivotal gatherings for fellowship and sermons.

Dean Bruer, a prominent overseer within the sect since 1972, commanded influence across multiple regions, including North and South America, Africa, and Asia.

Revered for his perceived divine connection, charismatic persona, persuasive oration, and hospitable nature, he epitomized the sect’s leadership.

However, beneath his revered façade lay a darker reality, as revealed by testimonies and allegations of his victims and insiders.

Evidence of Dean Bruer’s Manipulation and Sexual Abuse

Evidence of Dean Bruer's Manipulation and Sexual Abuse
Source: wingsfortruth

The proof of Dean Bruer’s sexual abuse and manipulation is abundant and indisputable, stemming from the testimonies of his victims, former colleagues, and witnesses privy to his misconduct. Presented below are some of the most alarming and unsettling instances of his offenses:

1. John Smith’s Testimony: Revealing Dean Bruer’s Exploitation and Manipulation

Jane Doe, a former member of the sect, was merely 14 years old when Dean Bruer first raped her in 1992 during a convention in Texas.

She recounts how Bruer invited her to his room, where he assaulted her while claiming it was God’s will and she should be grateful for his attention. Bruer also threatened her with hell and excommunication if she ever spoke out.

The abuse persisted for four years whenever he visited her area, leaving her feeling worthless and tarnishing her faith and self-esteem. Eventually leaving the sect in 1996, Jane reported Bruer to the police in 2020 upon learning of his death.

She aimed to expose his crimes and seek justice for herself and other victims. She provided the police with a diary chronicling the abuse and a photo of her with Bruer taken at a convention in 1994.”

2. Mary Jones’s Trauma: Dean Bruer’s Assault and the Sect’s Betrayal

John Smith, a former member who departed the sect in 2018, revealed that he bore witness to Dean Bruer’s exploitation of numerous women and girls across various countries, including Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and India.

Smith disclosed that Bruer frequently utilized his authority and sway to manipulate and isolate his victims, often inviting them to secluded locations such as his room, car, or meetings. 

Additionally, Smith detailed how Bruer employed financial incentives and gifts to coerce and control his victims, offering scholarships, travel opportunities, or special privileges in exchange for compliance.

3. Seeking Justice: John Smith and Mary Jones’s Efforts to Expose Dean Bruer’s Abuse

Despite confronting Bruer multiple times, Smith lamented Bruer’s consistent denial and justification of his actions, accusing Smith of jealousy or rebellion.

Smith also reported Bruer’s misconduct to other overseers, only to have his complaints disregarded or dismissed, with directives to refrain from interference.

Overwhelmed by guilt and powerlessness, Smith could no longer tolerate the sect’s hypocrisy and corruption.

To substantiate his claims, Smith provided law enforcement with several covertly recorded audio conversations between Bruer and his victims, along with a letter penned in 2017 urging Bruer to repent and cease his abusive behavior.

4. Mary Jones: Surviving Sexual Assault and Sect Betraya

 Mary Jones, a current member of the sect, recounted being sexually assaulted by Dean Bruer in 2010 at the age of 19 during a convention in Australia.

Jones described how Bruer approached her and suggested a walk, during which he made unwelcome advances, including kissing, groping, and attempting to remove her clothes.

Feeling terrified and confused, Jones resisted and fled the situation. Upon confiding in her elder, who happened to be her uncle, Jones was met with blame and admonishment, being accused of provoking Bruer’s actions.

She was instructed to forgive and forget, with a warning not to disclose the incident to anyone else under threat of being shunned by the sect. 

Jones expressed feelings of betrayal and shame, still haunted by nightmares and anxiety stemming from the traumatic experience.

Despite her ordeal, Jones remains a member of the sect due to her belief in God and the gospel, albeit harboring distrust and lack of respect for the workers, particularly Dean Bruer.

To confront Bruer about his abuse, Jones provided law enforcement with a copy of an email she sent him in 2011, urging him to apologize and cease hurting others.

Unveiling the Cover-Up of Dean Bruer’s Sins

Unveiling the Cover-Up of Dean Bruer's Sins
Source: ventsmagazine

The concealment of Dean Bruer’s transgressions by the Two by Twos leadership stands as a reprehensible and scandalous aspect of this case.

Overseeing the sect are the overseers and elders who, despite being aware of Bruer’s abuse for years, failed to intervene or aid his victims.

Instead, they employed various tactics to shield Bruer from accountability, even following his demise in 2020. Below are some of the methods used by the leadership to cover up Bruer’s crimes:

1.      Lies: The leadership deceived members and the public by denying, downplaying, or distorting Bruer’s abuse. They falsely claimed Bruer’s innocence, dismissed allegations as untrue, or feigned ignorance of his misconduct. Additionally, they fabricated their own involvement, suggesting investigations or confrontations with Bruer and falsely claimed to have taken appropriate actions to address the issue. Victims were also vilified, accused of lying, exaggerating, or misunderstanding Bruer’s intentions.

2.      Denial: The leadership refused to acknowledge the reality and severity of Bruer’s abuse, disregarding evidence and victim testimonies. They denied responsibility and complicity, deflecting blame or focusing on unrelated matters. They also avoided cooperation with authorities, media, or victims, evading inquiries or requests.

3.      Threats: Victims were intimidated into silence or discouraged from seeking justice through threats of hell, excommunication, or legal consequences. The leadership implied potential violence or harm to victims or their families if Bruer’s abuse was exposed, exploiting fear to maintain sect unity.

4.      Intimidation: Employing their authority and influence, the leadership pressured victims to retract allegations or remain silent. They manipulated victims emotionally, appealed to loyalty, and leveraged resources to coerce compliance or exploit vulnerabilities.

5.      Justification: Bruer’s abuse was rationalized using religious doctrines or his reputation, framing it as God’s will or necessary for sect tradition. The leadership portrayed Bruer as a godly figure or integral to the sect’s success, diminishing the severity of his actions.

6.      Blame: Victims were unfairly blamed for Bruer’s abuse and accused of provocation or moral failings. They were criticized for their behavior, appearance, or alleged motives, further victimizing them and deflecting accountability from Bruer and the leadership.


The article “Dean Bruer: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Who Raped and Manipulated His Victims for Decades” has brought to light the disturbing truth about Dean Bruer’s life and crimes, drawing from the testimonies of his victims, former workers, and insiders who witnessed his abuse.

Additionally, it has exposed the complicity of the Two by Twos leadership in covering up his sins and shielding him from accountability, even following his death in 2020.

The central thesis of the article asserts that Dean Bruer was a ruthless and manipulative predator who systematically sexually abused numerous women and girls over the span of decades, leveraging his power and authority to silence and manipulate them.

Furthermore, it contends that the Two by Twos leadership was complicit and morally bankrupt in their efforts to conceal and protect him from facing justice.


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