Dejan Kacurov – A Devoted Family Man, An Avid Gamer!

Dejan Kacurov defies the stereotype of a typical gaming journalist, bringing a unique blend of passions to his life.Beyond his role in the gaming world, he is an ardent CrossFit enthusiast, constantly seeking challenges for both his physical and mental well-being.

With a gaming journey that began in childhood, Dejan’s enthusiasm for sharing opinions and insights has only grown stronger over the years.

We explore the origins of his interest in gaming and CrossFit, how he successfully manages the balance between his professional commitments and fitness pursuits alongside family life, and delve into his notable goals and achievements in both realms.

Gaming Journey with Dejan Kacurov!

Dejan Kacurov’s fascination with gaming dates back to his childhood, where he immersed himself in the virtual realms of PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles.

His love for exploring diverse worlds, characters, and narratives through games extended beyond personal enjoyment; he delighted in sharing these experiences with friends and family.

This passion led him to pursue a dual commitment to gaming and writing, shaping his path as a dedicated gaming journalist.

Professional Evolution – From Freelancer to Head of Gaming Section!

Professional Evolution
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Embarking on his career as a freelance writer, Dejan contributed reviews, previews, features, and news articles to various gaming websites and magazines.

Establishing his blog and YouTube channel provided a platform to articulate his gaming insights and opinions.

In 2017, Dejan joined Future Game Releases, initially as a staff writer and editor. Over time, he ascended to become one of the principal contributors and the head of the gaming section.

Diverse Coverage – From Blockbusters to Indie Gems!

Dejan’s coverage spans a broad spectrum of games, encompassing popular titles such as Pokémon GO, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, as well as indie gems like Among Us, Fall Guys, and Phasmophobia. His content extends beyond game reviews, including gaming news, events, updates, guides, and tips.

Awards and Recognition!

  • Dejan’s dedication has yielded notable achievements, including:
  • Surpassing 10 million views on his articles and videos
  • Conducting interviews with game developers and creators
  • Participation in major gaming events and conventions like E3, Gamescom, and PAX
  • Accolades such as the Best Gaming Journalist Award and the Best Gaming Content Award
  • Establishing a loyal and engaged fan base and community

Challenges and Rewards – Navigating the Gaming Industry!

Despite his successes, Dejan faces challenges inherent in the gaming journalism field, including:

  • Keeping pace with the dynamic gaming industry
  • Managing the expectations and pressures from readers and clients
  • Addressing criticism and backlash from some gamers and developers
  • Striking a balance between professional and personal life
  • Sustaining passion and creativity for gaming and writing

Personal Touch – Dejan Kacurov’s Approach!

Dejan is not just a gaming journalist but a passionate gamer who cherishes his role. Approachable and friendly, he actively engages with his fans and followers, always seeking new opportunities and challenges. 

His journey reflects a commitment to continuous learning, self-improvement, and an unwavering passion for gaming.

– Over 10 million views on articles and videos– Keeping up with the fast-paced gaming industry
– Interviews with developers and creators– Pressure and expectations from readers and clients
– Attendance at major gaming events– Handling criticism and backlash
– Awards like Best Gaming Journalist Award– Balancing work and personal life
– Building a loyal fan base– Maintaining passion and creativity

Dejan Kacurov embodies a resilient spirit, enjoying gaming to the fullest and persistently striving for excellence in his dual roles as a gaming journalist and a dedicated gamer.

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Dejan Kacurov’s Journey in CrossFit!

Dejan Kacurov's Journey in CrossFit!
Source: futuregamereleases

In 2016, Dejan Kacurov sought a new avenue for fitness and health improvement, leading him to discover CrossFit. 

Intrigued by its high-intensity, functional, and diverse workout approach, combining elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio, and more, he decided to embrace the challenge. 

Joining a local CrossFit box introduced him to a supportive community that shared his passion for fitness, creating an experience that hooked him from the start.

Impact on Dejan’s Life!

CrossFit has significantly impacted Dejan Kacurov’s life, contributing to:

  • Weight loss and muscle gain
  • Increased strength, endurance, agility, and mobility
  • Enhanced energy, mood, and confidence
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Improved mental and physical performance
  •  Acquisition of new skills and techniques
  • Building friendships within a supportive community

Balancing Act – Pros and Cons of CrossFit!

While CrossFit has brought immense benefits, it comes with its own set of challenges, including:

  • Risk of injury and overtraining
  • The necessity for proper coaching and guidance
  • High cost and commitment
  • Difficulty and intensity of workouts
  • Potential for burnout and boredom

Listening to his body and coach, he modifies workouts based on his needs and goals, ensuring a balanced routine that includes gaming, family time, and rest.

Goals and Achievements in CrossFit!

Dejan Kacurov continuously strives for self-improvement within the CrossFit realm, setting goals and achieving milestones such as:

  • Completion of the CrossFit Open, an annual global competition
  • Qualification for the prestigious CrossFit Games
  • Personal records in weightlifting, reps, and skill mastery
  • Participation in various CrossFit competitions and events
  • Recognition through awards like Fittest Man in Macedonia and the CrossFit Inspiration Award
  • Inspiring and motivating others on their fitness journeys

Balanced Lifestyle – Dejan Kacurov’s Approach!

Balanced Lifestyle - Dejan Kacurov's Approach!
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In addition to his dedication to gaming and CrossFit, Dejan Kacurov leads a fulfilling family life. Residing in Skopje, Macedonia, with a supportive wife and two adorable children, he navigates the challenges of balancing work and fitness with family time. 

Dejan attributes his ability to manage priorities effectively to the love and support of his family, considering his wife his best friend and biggest fan. 

Quality time with his family, whether watching movies, playing games, or going on trips, is a source of happiness and strength for him.

Hobbies and Interests Beyond Gaming and CrossFit!

  • Dejan Kacurov embraces various hobbies and interests beyond his primary pursuits, including:
  • Reading books and magazines, especially on gaming, fitness, and technology
  • Listening to music and podcasts related to gaming, fitness, and comedy
  • Watching shows and movies focusing on gaming, fitness, and action
  • Writing blogs and articles about gaming, fitness, and personal experiences
  • Cooking and baking, with a focus on healthy and delicious meals
  • Travelling and sightseeing, exploring different cities and countries
  • Shopping and collecting gaming and fitness merchandise and memorabilia

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In this comprehensive exploration of Dejan Kacurov’s life, we’ve witnessed a gaming journalist and CrossFit enthusiast who embraces life to the fullest. 

Balancing a multifaceted existence that includes gaming, CrossFit, family, and diverse interests, he stands as a role model for pursuing passions and dreams. Dejan Kacurov is not just a professional in his fields but a person who lives a balanced and fulfilling life, inspiring those around him.


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