Firas Nassar: From “Fauda” Villain to American TV Stardom

Firas Nassar, renowned for his portrayal of the arch-villain El-Makdessi in the globally acclaimed series, has ventured into the realm of US drama with a role in an upcoming AppleTV+ show centered around an alien invasion.

Who Is Firas Nassar?

Actor Firas Nassar, aged 28, has made a name for himself through his notable roles in films like “Dancing Arabs,” “Foxtrot,” and “In Between,” as well as in television series such as “Sirens.”

However, it was his portrayal of the main antagonist, El-Makdessi, in the second series of the acclaimed Israeli show “Fauda” that truly catapulted him into the spotlight.

Now, Nassar, a Nazareth native, has ventured into the American entertainment scene with a pivotal role in the AppleTV+ series “Invasion” and is gearing up for a theater production titled “Onigin. Commentaries” at Gesher Theater.

“Invasion”: A Sci-Fi Drama with a Twist

"Invasion": A Sci-Fi Drama with a Twist
Source: thedigitalfix

“Invasion,” recently renewed for a second season, unfolds a gripping narrative of an alien invasion threatening humanity’s existence.

Nassar steps into the shoes of Ahmed Malik, a character caught in the midst of marital turmoil with his wife, Anisha (portrayed by Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani).

As the invasion disrupts their plans, the couple, along with their children, is forced to flee their Long Island home, setting the stage for a riveting tale of survival amidst chaos.

Nassar’s American Debut

For Nassar, “Invasion” marks his inaugural foray into American television. Filming commenced in New York prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, albeit interrupted during the production of the seventh episode due to pandemic-induced restrictions.

Nassar’s relocation to the United States amidst the crisis disrupted his plans, but he remains grateful for the opportunity.

Navigating Challenges Amidst COVID-19

Navigating Challenges Amidst COVID-19
Source: Looper

“Invasion” was among the first productions to resume filming post-lockdown, with stringent COVID-19 protocols in place.

Nassar recalls the unique experience of working amidst isolation, which inadvertently contributed to the series’ apocalyptic ambiance.

Despite the challenges, Nassar found solace in the camaraderie among the cast and crew, fostering a deeper understanding of the characters’ struggles depicted on-screen.

Bridging Differences in Production

Reflecting on disparities between Israeli and American productions, Nassar highlights the stark contrast in budgetary allocations, with “Invasion” boasting a staggering $200 million production cost.

However, he underscores the importance of adapting to varied work dynamics while cherishing the newfound diversity prevalent in the industry.

Nassar commends the series’ emphasis on ethnic representation and gender equality, echoing the evolving consciousness within the entertainment landscape.

As Nassar embarks on this exciting chapter in his career, his journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling in transcending cultural barriers and fostering inclusivity in the global entertainment sphere.

Wrapping up:

Firas Nassar, 28, known for his roles in “Dancing Arabs,” “Foxtrot,” and “In Between,” gained acclaim as El-Makdessi in “Fauda.” Now, the Nazareth native shines in the AppleTV+ series “Invasion,” portraying Ahmed Malik amidst an alien invasion.

Despite COVID-19 disruptions, Nassar embraces the challenges, finding solace in the camaraderie on set. With “Invasion” renewed for a second season, Nassar’s journey reflects the evolving landscape of diversity and storytelling.

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