Yoomoney SMS Receive – All You Need To Know In 2024!

It was formerly recognized as Yandex.Money, YooMoney SMS Receive stands as the second-largest electronic payment service in Russia. Originating as a collaboration between Yandex, the country’s primary search engine, and Sberbank, its largest bank, it is now wholly owned by Sberbank.

Services encompass an e-wallet, payment aggregation for online stores, and an extensive payment infrastructure integrated with Sberbank’s ATMs, terminals, and online banking.

Prominently embraced in Russia, YooMoney boasts a substantial user base regularly utilizing its services for diverse online payments.

YooMoney SMS Receive – Secure Verification Without Registration!

YooMoney SMS Receive - Secure Verification Without Registration!
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YooMoney SMS Receive offers a unique service that enables users to receive SMS messages for verification purposes without the necessity of creating an account or disclosing their phone numbers.

Particularly advantageous for online payments and transfers, this feature ensures swift and secure transactions.

Users can choose from a selection of phone numbers provided by YooMoney for phone or SMS verifications linked to their YooMoney account.

This service is a component of YooMoney’s comprehensive suite, which encompasses card payments, phone top-ups, and streamlined financial management.

It serves as a practical solution for individuals who prioritize privacy by avoiding the sharing of personal contact details or seeking an alternative method for receiving verification codes. 

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Benefits of Using YooMoney Services!

Immediate UseThe YooMoney e-wallet allows immediate usage post-registration, enabling users to initiate transactions promptly.
Multi-Currency AccountSupports ten currencies, including Euro, Dollar, and British Pound, facilitating convenient international transactions.
Cashback BonusesYooMoney SMS Receive MasterCard provides users with cashback bonuses on their purchases.
Functional ServicesOffers a diverse range of services, allowing users to pay bills, fines, taxes, purchase movie tickets, stocks, and more, surpassing typical e-wallet functionalities.
Webmoney LinkingPermits linking with a Webmoney account for enhanced convenience.
No Deposit FeesNo fees or commissions for deposits on trading platforms, potentially saving users money.
Free International Virtual CardProvides a complimentary international virtual card that can be obtained with a single click.

YooMoney SMS Receive caters to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer financial services, acting as a crucial link between the Russian market and the global arena.

Regulated by the Bank of Russia, it ensures safety and compliance with local laws. It’s worth noting that while it serves Russia and CIS countries primarily, users outside these regions may encounter challenges complying with the new laws set by the Russian government.

Its global presence enables merchants worldwide to incorporate popular Russian online payment methods seamlessly through a unified ‘Pay with Yandex’ button.

Recognized for its user-friendly interface, security measures, and reliability, YooMoney manages approximately 30 million user accounts, facilitating a diverse array of financial transactions.

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In summary, the YooMoney SMS Receive service emerges as a valuable asset for users prioritizing security and convenience in their online transactions.

By facilitating the receipt of verification codes without the reliance on personal phone numbers, YooMoney SMS Receive elevates user privacy, offering an alternative for those without immediate mobile device access.


1. Can we use the YooMoney SMS receive service for free?

Yes, the YooMoney SMS receive service is entirely free. Registration is unnecessary, and users can utilize the provided disposable numbers without any restrictions for phone or SMS verifications. This offers a convenient and cost-free method for swift phone verification on your YooMoney account.

2. How does YooMoney SMS receive ensure the privacy of users?

YooMoney SMS receive prioritizes user privacy by implementing different identification statuses, each equipped with varying features and limits. Users can initiate with an anonymous wallet and then opt to verify their identity for enhanced features and increased transaction limits.

3. Can we operate the YooMoney SMS receive app on our mobile phones?

Absolutely, the YooMoney SMS receive service is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to operate it seamlessly on their mobile phones. This ensures convenient management of transactions and maintains security while utilizing the diverse services offered by YooMoney.

4. Does the verification YooMoney SMS receive code cost money?

No, the YooMoney SMS receive service is entirely cost-free. Users can receive SMS messages for verification purposes without incurring any charges, offering a hassle-free option for verifying accounts without additional costs.


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